Building a Sauna is Fun and Easy

Building it right requires proper design, quality kiln-dried wood materials and components unique to saunas. We'll help you plan your traditional steam sauna project with free sauna plans and design information.

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Sauna Woods Sample Pack Consulting
See real samples of sauna wood types with our Sample Pack of Sauna Woods. Includes samples of Western Red Cedar sauna woods, White Cedar, White Aspen, and Basswood. Other material samples are foil vapor barrier and stainless steel nails. Western Red Cedar is available for sauna wall paneling, sauna benches, backrests and room / door trim. Aspen wood paneling is non-allergenic, so more people can enjoy health benefits of sauna. Send Us a Message, Sauna Design Consultants will answer your questions about designing and constructing a sauna room or outdoor sauna building, or call 1-877-872-2806
Commercial and Residential, up to 1 hour FREE Sauna Design consulting.

Main Sauna Components:
  • Sauna Room with white Aspen wood paneling and Basswood benches.Foil Vapor Barrier: reflects heat energy back in and keeps moisture out of walls. Paper backed foil installs with stapler, foil side facing you. 
  • Sauna Wood Paneling: tongue & groove style boards for walls and ceiling. Popular sauna wood types are Red Cedar, White Cedar and Aspen.
  • Sauna Benches: a popular design is to have wall mounted rails so benches can easily be lifted out for cleaning sauna. Popular wood types Red Cedar or White Basswood. Backrests help keep walls clean and allow airflow behind you.
  • Sauna Heater: Models to fit small 4x4' home saunas up to large commercial saunas. Electric sauna heaters are most convenient and popular. Natural Gas / Propane sauna heaters and wood burning sauna stoves are also available.
  • Sauna Door: Popular pre-hung types are all wood T&G paneled doors with optional insulated glass units or all glass bronze tinted panel doors. Sauna doors are typically smaller than regular doors for minimal heat loss when entering. For safety, sauna doors swing out and use a non-locking ball latch.
  • Sauna Vents: Fresh air ventilation is very important for people and sauna wood care (evaporates absorbed moisture). Typically a small inlet vent is placed in wall near heater and larger vent with sliding door below top bench.
  • Stainless Steel Nails: Fit many finish nailer guns, for fast installation of T&G sauna woods. Will last the lifetime of the sauna without corroding and leaving dark streaks/stains on precious sauna woods like other types of fasteners can.
  • Sauna Lighting: Special designed fixtures are made for high-heat humid sauna use. Popular sauna lights have aluminum fixtures and white glass vapor proof shade with gaskets. Incandescent light bulbs are usually only type for high heat use.
  • Sauna Accessories: No sauna project is complete without a sauna bucket & ladle, and thermometer / hygrometer. Sand timers are a great way to time sauna sessions in 15 minute intervals.    
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